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  • ShopArt - The finest art on Internet  open in new window
  • ShopArt is an international group of artists, having their own virtual gallery homebased in Germany, exposing more than 1000 paintings, collages and sculptures. Art for Sale - Guests welcome. move this listing up       
  • Istituto per larte e il restauro Palazzo Spinelli  open in new window
  • Institute of art and restoration. Restoration courses, art courses, summer courses. Special Projects move this listing up       
  • Bronze Gallery  open in new window
  • The Bronze Gallery is an online sculpture gallery offering for sale over 100 original 19th and 20th century French and American bronze sculptures by more than 70 artists. French: Barye, Bonheur, Fratin, Fremiet, Gardet, Lecourtier, Lenordez, Masson, Mene, Moigniez, Pautrot, Rodin, Sandos, Valton American: DAmbrosi, Baker, Bartlett, Connell, Dallin, Deming, Fraser, Frishmuth, Humphriss, Huntington, Konti, MacMonnies, MacNeil, , Proctor, Remington, Roth, Russell, Saint-Gaudens, Scudder, Ward. move this listing up       
  • Mill Gallery  open in new window
  • 18th,19th,20th.C oil, and watercolour paintings move this listing up       
  • Sommeil. Surrealistic art gallery  open in new window
  • Surrealistic paintings by ukrainian artists move this listing up       
  • European home of authentic Native American Art  open in new window
  • Native Arts Trading imports authentic Native American from some of the best Native American Indian artisans in their field. move this listing up       
  • MENI - DESIGN  open in new window
  • Informations and the Online Shop of MENI-DESIGN. move this listing up       
  • Daniel Martin Diaz  open in new window
  • Daniel Martin Diaz captures the spirit and mysticism of the ancient world with his oil paintings. move this listing up       
  • ALTERNATIVE FINE ART  open in new window
  • This site contains images of our vision of the world. It is captured from my inner dreams, not necessarily from what we claim is the real world. move this listing up       
  • Martin Bigum: Danish artist and poet; paintings 89- 99  open in new window
  • Official website of famous young Danish painter and poet Martin Bigum: paintings and other artistic projects from 89- 99 move this listing up       
  • Settimio Benedusi Photographer  open in new window
  • Professional Fashion Photographer since 1990 move this listing up       
  • Biddingtons  open in new window
  • Upmarket, online fine art & antiques auctions and contemporary art gallery featuring established painters, sculptors and printmakers. move this listing up       
  • SICILIAN LANDSCAPES  open in new window
  • VIRTUAL GALLERY SICILIAN LANDSCAPES move this listing up       
  • Carlo Adelio Galimberti  open in new window
  • Wellcome to my studio. You can see paintings underway. Benvenuti al mio studio. Opere in esecuzione move this listing up       
  • The Artworks - Scottish Golf Art Scenes and Landscapes Art of Old Scotland  open in new window
  • Scottish Art from Scotland including golf art. Scottish Artists move this listing up       
  • Art in the Park  open in new window
  • Art in the Park is an art education charity dedicated to making art with people for city parks and gardens move this listing up       
  • Ruud van Capelleveen - Art Collections  open in new window
  • Ruud van Capelleveen - Art Collections Paintings & Drawings move this listing up       
  • Art-Eule  open in new window
  • move this listing up       
  • rowena dugdale collage and photomontage illustration  open in new window
  • UK based illustrator Rowena Dugdale uses collage, photomontage and mixed-media in her richly coloured and layered work. View her online portfolio now! move this listing up       
  • Egoiste Web Arts  open in new window
  • Gallery, Magazine, and Store for Arts and desing move this listing up       
  • Nino Cordio Home page  open in new window
  • Home page dedicated to Nino Cordio, italian artist. Many pictures, oils, frescoes, etchings, sculptures. It contains some art criticisms by Andrea Camilleri, Leonardo Sciascia and others. move this listing up       
  • EC Art and Craft Gallery  open in new window
  • Comprehensive listings by art/craft mediums of professional artists and craftspeople from Europe, USA, and worldwide. Truly outstanding and unique work; free to list for professionals with independent websites. move this listing up       
  • OK Art Gallery  open in new window
  • Fine Art Exhibition and Marketplace. Art and reproductions from prints to cards. move this listing up       
  • eyestorm  open in new window
  • eyestorm is a groundbreaking destination for exploring and collecting contemporary art and photography move this listing up       
  • Nick Chaldakovs Fine Art Photography Gallery  open in new window
  • Fine Art Photography Gallery-classic and contemporary art, black and white, model, portraits, landscape, travel, abstract, digital...links, add URL... move this listing up       
  • Daniela Bartholdt - Malerei & Gedichte  open in new window
  • Paintings of Daniela Bartholdt move this listing up       
  • trevor borg  open in new window
  • Works of Art by Maltese Artist Trevor Borg move this listing up       
  • Carosta e-Shop - Fine Art Paintings  open in new window
  • Originals and limited editions of artworks - a beautiful show-room. 100 % safe shopping. move this listing up       
  • iceandart  open in new window
  • iceart icecarving icebuilding icecrib iceshow ice iceevent icedesign icesculptures iceperformance move this listing up       
  • Istituto di Moda Burgo  open in new window
  • Italian fashion school: Design, Pattern making, Stylist - Moda move this listing up       
  • the-human-circus  open in new window
  • Multimedia-projekt, Art-video, Pictures, music, Cd-rom education, performance and more move this listing up       
  • a human being  open in new window
  • London artist Justin Bailey welcomes you to his weird and wonderful world. move this listing up       
  • Biddingtons  open in new window
  • Upmarket, online contemporary art gallery and art information site featuring painters, sculptors, digital artists and printmakers from Europe, Latin America and the US. move this listing up       
  • Artist Jackie Mauersberger-Arce  open in new window
  • Biography and works (painting and body art)art exhibitions, International art fairs,ARTEpadova Italy, Euop'ART Geneve, Holland Art Fair, Luxembourg fair. move this listing up       
  • David Maria Marani - Sculptor and Artexposition  open in new window
  • DAVID MARIA MARANI was born in Ventimiglia in 1960. From 1971 to 1973 he attended the courses held by the sculptor Elio Melis. He then faced the study of drawing with the painters GIUSEPPE BALBO E MADDALENA SALVATICO. He frequented the State Art Institute of Porta Romana, near Florence, where he graduated in 1979, attending sculpture courses held by Enzo and Bruno Innocenti, Marcello Guasti, Andrea Fedeli, Giovanni Hubbard, Manuela Ciabilli Paoletti, Leone Martelli, Guarguaglini and Sisto Zanetti. Always in Florence, from 1979 to 1981, he frequented the Accademy of Fine Arts, guided by the sculptor OSCAR GALLO His creative journey runs along a privileged line: the representation of the human figure. Marani, who is a figurative artist, untangles his artistic journey starting from the Greek classicism, that was reproduced in the Academys classrooms, the Michelangelsque plasticity and, more generally, the classicism on a solid academy formation, which engraft the suggestions and the moods which derive from the contemporary world and from the solicitations of an art in continuous evolution. He has organised annual collective exhibitions respectively denominated: "AGORA' " , "DOLCEART", "IMPRONTE", "MAESTRI CONTEMPORANEI NELLARTE", "ARTE IN CENTRO", "Scultori in Corso", "Le geste Positiv" for Ligurian and Tuscan and French City Administrations. He is the author of the Art Guide of the Province of Imperia. He restores munuments and sculptures, also in collaboration with the Florentine restorer ANDREA FEDELI He has exposed in over eighty exhibitions in European and American cities, among which New York, Cuernevaca, Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, Athens, Belgrade, Budapest, Copenhagen, Monte-Carlo, Nice, and Florence,where in 1995, he has been invited to expose his works in the Saint Lorenzo Cathedral, with artists of great intelligence, such as Marcello Guasti, Salvatore Cipolla, Silvio Loffredo, Marcello Tommasi, Ademaro Bardelli, Piero Tredici, Bruno Paoli and Roberto Greco. In that same year, one of his sculptures has been chosen to be donated to the director MARIO MONICELLI, as an award to his career, during a great multi-medial manifestation organised by the City of Viareggio. The end of the Millennium arrives with the title of "FEMME" at the Lucertola Castle in Apricale (Imperia - Italy), where for two months Marani will expose, together with over fifty artists of international level, such as FOLON, SOSNO, emanuele LUZZATI, ANDY WAHROL, ARMAN, Cini and many others. Marani's works belong to important private collections in Italy and in other foreign countries. move this listing up       
  • Soren Juncher Sondergaard  open in new window
  • Arts by the Danish painter Soren Juncher Sondergaard move this listing up       
  • Printz Keramik  open in new window
  • Annette Printz is a trained potter who makes her beautiful ceramic designs in pretty Mols, Denmark move this listing up       
  • GlobArt  open in new window
  • Jens Christian Vestergaard pressents some of his paintings and graphical works, sold all over the world. move this listing up       
  • Poorkan Fine Art Atelier  open in new window
  • Presenting the works of Masoud R. Zargahi. The fine art in a variety of media, paintings, water colours, pastels and acrylics. move this listing up       
  • Welcome to Tunedal  open in new window
  • View art, art for sale, exhibition of art move this listing up       

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