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  • Professional translation services open in new window
  • High-quality translation, interpreting, subtitling and voice-over services for the automotive, tourism, engineering and toy and games industries.    
  • Document Translation Services open in new window
  • GTS provides high quality document translation services in all languages. Fast delivery at great prices. Get 24/7 free price quotes on our website by uploading your documents. All credit cards accepted.    
  • Jon Enticknap - Conference Interpreter and Translator  open in new window
  • Conference Interpreter and Translator - Deutsch �---� English �--- Francais move this listing up       
  • Coconis Translations  open in new window
  • An Athens based translations office move this listing up       
  • A.B.I.E.S  open in new window
  • High quality translation and interpretation services in Slovak, English, German, French, Hungarian and Russian languagues move this listing up       
  • Chinese Translation Bureau  open in new window
  • Denmark-based Chinese performs accurate translation to/from English and to/from Danish move this listing up       
  •  open in new window
  • ist ein Zusammenschluss von freiberuflich tatigen Ubersetzern mit den Arbeitssprachen Deutsch, Englisch, Franzosisch und Spanisch. Sie setzen sich also nicht mit einer Agentur, sondern direkt mit dem Ubersetzer in Verbindung. Diese direkte Kommunikation zwischen Ihnen und uns vereinfacht die Losung von Fragen und Problemen. move this listing up       
  • JFTranslations  open in new window
  • move this listing up       
  • translation and adviser  open in new window
  • translation all language to Turkysh or vice versa and adviver for foreing investors move this listing up       
  • AntwerpAnnie - Professional Translation and Interpreting Service  open in new window
  • Whether you need your web site translated into another European language or someone to interpret for you in court, AntwerpAnnie will ensure that you are never lost for words. move this listing up       
  • Alphasoft electronic dictionaries, thesauruses and vocabulary trainer.  open in new window
  • Electronic dictionaries in over 60 translation directions, thesauruses, dictionaries of synonyms, dictionaries and electronic vocabulary trainer for mobile computing, palmOS and travel PDA move this listing up       
  • Bi-Cultural  open in new window
  • Spanish,English, French, Portuguese, Catalan, Italian, German translation of technical, computing, financial documents through internet. Language courses in Barcelona and Madrid. Preparation for presentations in Spanish and English. move this listing up       
  • Translations - Martin Consulting srl - make yourself understood by the whole world  open in new window
  • Translations from/to 30 languages. move this listing up       
  • Hungarian translation  open in new window
  • Accurate Hungarian translations services move this listing up       
  • LCEG Affordable Translation and Interpretation Services  open in new window
  • Need help with foreign languages? We can help! Visit us today! move this listing up       
  • Translations English-German  open in new window
  • Native German, freelance translator, transalating from English to German. Areas of expertise: human rights, art and culture, politics, women, spirituality, correspondence, general. move this listing up       
  • Translations. English, Czech. Straightforward, cheap, accurate.  open in new window
  • English to Czech, Czech to English translation service. Translating in engineering, economy, retail, information technology, ecology, agriculture, art, sport and other areas. move this listing up       
  • Translatum Translation Services  open in new window
  • Translation services into Finnish move this listing up       
  • Czech Translation  open in new window
  • Czech/Slovak to English, English to Czech translation. IOL member. Most fields covered. Professional & experienced. Very competitive rates. move this listing up       
  • Alessandra Gaito Traduzioni  open in new window
  • Alessandra Gaito is an Italian translator specialised in translating subtitles from English and French for the media, TV, DVD, Home Videos, and film festivals. move this listing up       
  • ProLingua  open in new window
  • Danish-English, English-Danish translation, proofreading, and editing - general, business, marketing, advertising move this listing up       
  • Technical translation and legal translation by Bedford Translations  open in new window
  • Technical translation and legal translation by Bedford Translations. We also handle software localisation, technical documentation and DTP-related projects. move this listing up       
  • Lexicon Translation Applications S.A.  open in new window
  • Greece's top translation company, under contract to the European Commission and the European Parliament. Major European languages from and into Greek. move this listing up       
  • _Translated Translation Services  open in new window
  • Thanks to our team of IT specialists, translators, and graphic designers, we are able to make all types of projects a reality: from the translation of simply text to the creation and maintenance of the most technologically sophisticated websites move this listing up       
  • Dutch translator. Dutch texts and translations. Search Engine Optimisation.  open in new window
  • Dutch translator. Your online address for Dutch texts and translations. Search Engine Optimisation. Eloquo translates English, French and German documents into Dutch, writes, rewrites, copyedits and proofreads Dutch texts and optimises your website for better ranking in the search engines. move this listing up       
  • Awangarda  open in new window
  • Awangarda provides translation and software localization services. ISO 9001:2000 certificate. Free translation services. move this listing up       
  • Multi lingual translation sofware (up to 20 languages)  open in new window
  • GoldWord writing, translation, tts- business and educational downloadable and packaged software business and educational, works online and offline, downloadable and packaged software in 15 languages and over 84 dictionaries- enabling translation, tts, writing, personal dictionary. English-Chinese-French-German-Hebrew-Italian. move this listing up       
  • Translation Sevices  open in new window
  • Find the translator that best fits your needs for any language pair. Translation tools, resources, free online language translator and specialized translation services move this listing up       
  • English - German Translator  open in new window
  • Text specializations: TV & movie scripts, subtitles, dubs move this listing up       
  • RVR Translation  open in new window
  • Translation and interpreting service, specialising in English, Dutch, French and German languages move this listing up       
  • English to Russian Translator  open in new window
  • Professional Russian translation to/from English in business, science and technology, website translation. Financial and document/letter translation move this listing up       
  • Dixon Servicios Linguisticos, Sl  open in new window
  • Fast, professional and efficient language translation and interpretation services. All languages. Valencia, Spain. move this listing up       
  • Translator and interpreter, portuguese, german, french  open in new window
  • Translations and interpretations, in portuguese, german and french. Translater and interpreter for any kind of document, either literary or technical move this listing up       
  • Arabic Translation UK for Translations Marketing and Website Design in Arabic  open in new window
  • Arabic Translation UK (ArabTrans) offers Translation and localization by experienced Arabic translators. ArabTrans translates websites, adverts, and all type of documents, and offer Arabic Google Adwords management services. Company based in London UK. For all your advertising, website desing and ma move this listing up       
  • Translation - Danish, Spanish, English  open in new window
  • Technical translation services. Danish-Spanish-Danish. English-Danish. move this listing up       
  • Patent Translators  open in new window
  • Translation of patents and technical and medical articles from German, Czech, French and other European languages as well as Japanese into English. move this listing up       
  • Russia House  open in new window
  • Russian to English or German Language Interpreters And Translators. Can also provide tuition for work. move this listing up       
  • BOSTrans - Bosnian Translation Services  open in new window
  • Translation services from English into Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Serbo-Croatian languages move this listing up       
  • Trusted Translations: Specialized in English to Spanish translations  open in new window
  • Translation services company specialized in English to Spanish Translations of complex legal or financial documents and media content - English, French, German, Portuguese and Japanese also available. move this listing up       
  • English-Russian-English translator and interpreter. Bilingual.  open in new window
  • Profile. CV. Contacts. move this listing up       
  • Russia House  open in new window
  • Russian to English Language Interpreters And Translators. Qualified University Teacher. Based in Sheffield , South Yorkshire, England move this listing up       
  • French English Translation Center  open in new window
  • French>English translation of business documents, contracts, advertising move this listing up       

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