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  • hand-held anemometer  open in new window
  • This site gives details of the Kestrel hand-held anemometers which are ideal for making air flow and wind speed measurements anywhere anytime. move this listing up       
  • Datacolor International  open in new window
  • Datacolor International is a leading supplier of instruments, software, and systems to communicate and manage color in industry. For over 25 years, they have helped customers in all industries where color is important --industrial and retail paint and coatings, plastics, textiles, ink, printing, paper, food, automotive and many others. Datacolor has sales and technical support offices in most European countries. move this listing up       
  • Microlink Data Acquisition and Control  open in new window
  • Tutorials on data acquisition and control, application stories and product news. Includes USB, RS232, GPIB and Ethernet devices. move this listing up       
  • Myron L Company  open in new window
  • Manufacturer of hand-held and process control water testing instruments for many applications. pH Meters, Conductivity/Resistivity Meters and Monitors. All Model specifications and information online. move this listing up       
  • Flowline Manufacturing Ltd  open in new window
  • Flowline supply flowmeters and flow measurement solutions for all industries. move this listing up       
  • Automatic scales,check weighing for material handling vehicles  open in new window
  • Manufacturer og onboard scales for lift trucks,forklifts and loaders move this listing up       
  • Maselli Misure S.p.A. Instruments and systems for liquid analysis  open in new window
  • Process analyzers, beverage control systems, quality control centers for tomato and grape, laboratory refractometers. move this listing up       
  • weighscales and filling machines  open in new window
  • Repair Service Sales for weighscales and filling and dosing machines move this listing up       
  • Denman Instrumentation Ltd  open in new window
  • We supply qualified teams of instrumentation engineers and techinicians to the power industry, the water treatment industry, the petrochemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry. move this listing up       
  • PAT Testing Equipment, Testers and PAT Checkers  open in new window
  • PAT testing equipment for measuring and testing portable electrical appliances. PAT testers, Pat checkers from Seaward, Martindale, Robin, Kewtech and Megger. move this listing up       
  • Howard Butler Online  open in new window
  • Manufacturers of panel meters current transformers and associated products move this listing up       
  • Automatic onboard forklift scales,check weighing,skidweigh  open in new window
  • Manufacturer of scales,freight verification,overload for loaders,forklifts and lift trucks move this listing up       
  • Automatic forklift onboard check weighing, scales,overload, skidweigh  open in new window
  • Manufacturer representative of Skidweigh products used in recycling industries move this listing up       

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