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  • An Easy to use, Feature Rich File and Directory Synchronization Utility  open in new window
  • FolderMatch for Windows 95/98/2000 NT ME is an Easy to use, Feature-Rich File and Directory comparison and Synchronization Utility. move this listing up       
  • Chestysoft  open in new window
  • We have ASP components available for download and evaluation. We also have some Windows shareware applications. move this listing up       
  • Soft Experience utilities for Windows Macintosh integration  open in new window
  • Computer software for office, business and prepress industry. Soft Experience provides a range of high-quality products that enable Windows-Macintosh integration Idem - Automates file synchronization and directory replication. Runs also as a Windows NT or Windows 2000 service. Fully preserves Macintosh filenames when stored on Windows NT platforms. MacNames - Renames Macintosh files stored on Windows NT / 2000 servers. Also available as a Windows NT or Windows 2000 service. Shareware SumInfos - Console utility to collect summary informations (properties) embedded with all Windows 2000 files. It deals with the collection of Microsoft Office documents properties and Macintosh comments stored on NT volumes.SumInfos writes collected informations on a text file for futur use by another application. move this listing up       
  • Welcome to Micro-Sys ApS - industrial and personal software  open in new window
  • Micro-Sys makes freeware, shareware, and in particular, intelligent tailor-made designed software for PCs and PLCs in industrial process control move this listing up       
  • Blue Sky total internet solutions  open in new window
  • Blue sky is an ebusiness services provider. We believe in sites that are 'designed for use'. move this listing up       
  • Automated file synchronizing software : IDEM mirroring solution  open in new window
  • Idem provides an easy way to keep files synchronized between drives, two folders, computers. It scans selected folders or drives and mirror the most up-to-date copy of the files in both locations. Allows copies or move most recent files to target destination. Runs as an application or a Windows service. move this listing up       
  • Typing tutor Stamina Pro  open in new window
  • Original and effective touch-typing tutor; trainer for anyone learning to type. Working with lessons, sentences and real text. Touch typing tutor, 3D keyboard skins, funny sounds and music etc! Simply the best typing tutor! move this listing up       
  • Effective Design  open in new window
  • Interior & Kitchen Design Software - 1992PRO - Kitchen Design Services move this listing up       
  • Welcome to Vyapin Software Systems  open in new window
  • Vyapin Software Systems is an Indian based software company which specializes in off-shore software development and IT-enabled data management services. Vyapin is a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider(MCSP).Vyapin specializes in developing Windows NT BackOffice Products, Client Server Applications and providing Web-centric solutions move this listing up       
  • EvenMore textviewer  open in new window
  • Powerful freeware textviewer for the Amiga/WinUAE. Supports file conversion via plugins (MSWord, RTF, HTML, etc), full colour ANSI text, and much more! move this listing up       
  • EmailFinder - The E-mail and web pages search engine software  open in new window
  • EmailFinder is a powerful program for searching email addresses on the net.Easy to use, with all the features a user requires. Whether you want to search for Email addresses on the net or you search for web pages that contain what you are looking for, then EmailFinder will revolutionize your way to search. EmailFinder is designed to provide the power and functionality to satisfy the most demanding requirements. It is Windows hosted, and comes in 32-bit edition. It will work with Windows 95, Windows 98 and ME. EmailFinder has been implemented according to the Windows 95 user interface guidelines, so great attention has been paid to making it easy for both beginners and experienced users. In-context help is available for all commands, and in-context menus pop-up with the right mouse button. And much more... move this listing up       
  • SoftConsultGroup  open in new window
  • database development, programming, software solutions move this listing up       
  • Open Downloads: download free software, freeware, shareware, device driver, and tutorial  open in new window
  • a new download site for free software, freeware, shareware, open source, device driver, and computer tutorial move this listing up       
  • Ekas Software: components and tools for software developers  open in new window
  • Components and tools for software developers. Ongoing headline product is: Windows script host control for Delphi, component adding active scripting capabilities in Delphi applications and allowing use of VBScript, JScript, Perl, Python, Tcl, RExx, Lua etc. script languages (any allowed by Windows move this listing up       
  • Download Shareware  open in new window
  • Download Shareware features free software downloads of freeware and shareware games, utilities, internet, graphics, multimedia, privacy and webmaster tools. move this listing up       
  • pdf writer  open in new window
  • pdfMachine is a pdf writer that produces great quality PDF files with ease! move this listing up       
  • Audio Mid Recorder - Record Any Audio Sound to MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG.  open in new window
  • Audio Mid Recorder - Record Audio from Mid, WMA, RM, OGG, CD, DVD, MOV, GAME, FLASH, Streaming Audio ,Microphone, Cassette Tape,Video Tape,PS2, Xbox.Audio Recorders Inc. move this listing up       
  • my-eShop | Ihr eigener Shop im Internet  open in new window
  • my-eShop ist ein Mietshopsystem das es ihnen ermoglicht ohne Vorkenntnisse einen Onlineshop zu verwalten. my-eShop ist fertig eingerichtet und betriebsbereit. my-eShop bietet Ihnen viele Funktionen wie z. B. automatische Bildkomprimierung und ein automatischer Bestellvorgang. move this listing up       
  • NIX Solutions Ltd.  open in new window
  • Custom software development services include secure client/server solutions. move this listing up       
  • FSnD,Promoting, Ranking & Suchmaschinen Optimierung,Website Promoting  open in new window
  • FSnD Promoting,Ranking und Suchmaschinen-Optimierung,sowie Suchmaschinen Eintrage, Suchmaschinenplatzierung und Website-Promoting,Page Ranking und Linkfarmen Linksysteme move this listing up       
  • FSnD,Promoting,Ranking & Suchmaschinen Optimierung,Website Promoting und Page Ranking  open in new window
  • FSnD Promoting,Ranking und Suchmaschinen-Optimierung,sowie Suchmaschinen Eintrage, Suchmaschinenplatzierung und Website-Promoting,Page Ranking und Linkfarmen Linksysteme move this listing up       
  • InfoProjekt  open in new window
  • Geographic information systems. GIS Bibliography. Three-dimensional geographic information systems. move this listing up       
  • FSnD,Promoting,Ranking & Suchmaschinen Optimierung,Website Promoting und Page Ranking  open in new window
  • FSnD Promoting,Ranking und Suchmaschinen-Optimierung,sowie Suchmaschinen Eintrage, Suchmaschinenplatzierung und Website-Promoting,Page Ranking und Linkfarmen Linksysteme move this listing up       
  • Time & Space  open in new window
  • Sample CD Rom and Virtual Instrument 's from Time+Space Online move this listing up       
  • RECOGNOS Romania - e-business solutions provider  open in new window
  • Recognos Romania is specialized in the design and development of customized software/web applications. move this listing up       
  • Myrasoft web promotion software and internet marketing tools  open in new window
  • Web promotion software, search engine software to create your own yahoo style search engine, press release submission software and marketing tools to increase your web site traffic. Free software download for all applications. move this listing up       
  • ERP Software from Tectura  open in new window
  • Specialists in customising and implementing erp software (enterprise resource planning) including MBS products Axapta, Navision, Great Plains and CRM. Awarded Global Partner of the Year by Microsoft. move this listing up       
  • Authentication Password Protection Membership Management Scripts  open in new window
  • Self-installation, self-settings, no programming skills � take, include modules in your web site and launch at once. move this listing up       
  • COMSOLIT Messmer  open in new window
  • Internet Dienstleistungen, Online Marketing, EDV Losungen move this listing up       
  • Objective IT  open in new window
  • Objective is a software development and digital marketing company based in Great Baddow, Essex. The talented team of developers and marketers also offers a range of data insights services alongside the creation of bespoke software and web applications. move this listing up       

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