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  • VATICAN TELEVISIVON CENTER  open in new window
  • VATICAN TELEVISIVON CENTER move this listing up       
  • Holy See Press Office  open in new window
  • Bulletin, Synodus Episcoporum, Vatican Information Service and logistical information. [Internet Explorer is needed to visualize correctly the information contained in these areas] move this listing up       
  • The Holy Father  open in new window
  • From Leo XIII to John Paul II. move this listing up       
  • The Holy See  open in new window
  • Official Vatican homepage. News services, Church documents, information on the Popes and departments of the Roman Curia. Several languages supported. move this listing up       
  • The Roman Curia  open in new window
  • Secretariat of State, Congregations, Tribunals, Pontifical Coucils, Synod of Bishops, Offices, Pontifical Commissions, Swiss Guard, Institutions Connected with the Holy See, Labour Office of the Apostolic See, Pontifical Academies. move this listing up       
  • Vatican  open in new window
  • Links to Vatican's institutions and country guides. move this listing up       
  • Vatican City  open in new window
  • Flags and general information. move this listing up       
  • Vatican Library Exhibit : The City Reborn  open in new window
  • US Library of Congress exhibit presenting the Vatican Library's most precious manuscripts, books, and maps. Presents the untold story of the Vatican Library as the intellectual driving force behind the emergence of Rome as a political and scholarly superpower during the Renaissance. move this listing up       
  • Vatican Observatory  open in new window
  • Ancient astronomical research institution. Includes history, profiles of personnel, details of telescopes, and a streaming video on the relation of science and religion. move this listing up       
  • Vatican Radio: The Pope's Voice  open in new window
  • Programmes in 40 different languages, live broadcasts, broadcasts on demand. move this listing up       
  • Vatican City Country Guide  open in new window
  • Vatican City info by Search Europe, includes map and other info. move this listing up       

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