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Arabic (3)
Bulgarian (2)
Chinese (2)
Croatian (1)
English (51)
French (26)
Georgian (1)
German (19)
Greek (3)
Hungarian (1)
Icelandic (2)
Italian (20)
Latvian (2)
Maltese (1)
Mongolian (1)
Polish (3)
Romanian (2)
Russian (2)
Serbian (1)
Spanish (51)
Swedish (1)
Turkish (2)
Yiddish (1)

   Sites under Education: Languages

  • Eurolingua Institute  open in new window
  • Study abroad programmes in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Over 60 schools in 28 countries worldwide. Accommodation arranged. Excursions included. move this listing up       
  • Language For Life  open in new window
  • English tuition provided for business clients. Intensive courses, private tuition, accommodation in rural Irish surroundings. move this listing up       
  • European Language Schools Directory  open in new window
  • Find the European Language School you are looking for . move this listing up       
  • t.e.m. di Marina Minute  open in new window
  • Translations, English, Italian, French and Spanish move this listing up       
  • Minsk Vedomosti Translation Center, Belarus  open in new window
  • Minsk Vedomosti Translation Center, Belarus move this listing up       
  • LanguageCourse.Net  open in new window
  • FREE comparison of more than 250 language schools worldwide for English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese and many other languages. Book with discount at guaranteed lowest prices on the web. move this listing up       
  • International Committee for the Defense of the Breton Language  open in new window
  • International Committee for the Defense of the Breton Language move this listing up       
  • Language futures Europe  open in new window
  • Language futures Europe move this listing up       
  • The Foundation for Endangered Languages. University of Bristol.  open in new window
  • The Foundation for Endangered Languages. University of Bristol. move this listing up       
  • SprachCaffe Languages PLUS  open in new window
  • SprachCaffe Languages PLUS - the congregation of language schools in US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Malta and Cuba which are providing language courses for English, French, German, Spanish and Italian language in the countries of their origin. move this listing up       
  • _Translated Translation Services  open in new window
  • Thanks to our team of IT specialists, translators, and graphic designers, we are able to make all types of projects a reality: from the translation of simply text to the creation and maintenance of the most technologically sophisticated websites move this listing up       
  • Language Resources SearchLanguage.Com  open in new window
  • Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and many more language resources move this listing up       
  • - Free Online Computer Language Games  open in new window
  • Have fun playing while learning languages with online games! Is it possible to learn while playing games? Of course it is! The games you will find here are much more effective at helping you acquire foreign language skills than other types of exercises. See by yourself! move this listing up       
  • Language Penpals - The Language Penpals Website  open in new window
  • Language Penpals will enable you to learn languages and make friends at the same time. Visit Language Penpals and find people who share your interest in a language move this listing up       
  • Translation Services & Proofreading  open in new window
  • Professional Translations - English, French, German, Spanish and more, from 7 cents a word. Also proofreading and a wide variety of editorial services. Let our European professionals help you today (or our worldwide team can edit your document while you sleep!) move this listing up       
  • Anysubject Ltd  open in new window
  • UK-wide tuition agency offering tutoring worldwide in all modern and classical languages as well as other academic subjects and musical instruments. Thousands of qualified, experienced tutors to choose from. move this listing up       
  • A2Z Languages - Language Programs  open in new window
  • Offering language courses throughout Europe. Small group classes, cultural activities, weekend excursions, plus much more. move this listing up       
  • Skandland - translations, courses  open in new window
  • Translations, language courses, online teaching. Languages: swedish, norwegian, danish, finnish, italian, french, spanish, english, polish. move this listing up       
  • Pimsleur Language Programmes  open in new window
  • Audio language courses on CD presented by native speakers. Covering more than 50 languages and featuring three levels of advancement. move this listing up       
  • My Spanish in Spain  open in new window
  • Study Spanish in Spain, find your Spanish language school in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, San Sebastian, Granada, Salamanca, Cadiz and Seville. Special offers and discounts for groups. move this listing up       
  • Learn Languages Online  open in new window
  • Learn Languages Online, Spanish, French, English, German, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese,Italian,Sign Language, Aprender Ingles. move this listing up       
  • Learn Spanish in Spain | Spanish Courses in Spain - Spanish Schools  open in new window
  • Spanish School in Malaga with a wide range of Intensive Spanish courses. Learn Spanish in Malaga Spain, with small groups, accommodation cultural activities move this listing up       

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