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  • Physique Chimie, Ecologie  open in new window
  • Physique et Chimie: de nombreux liens p�dagogiques. move this listing up       
  • Orrery: The Solar System in Action  open in new window
  • Orrery is a tour of the Solar System, with a shower of resources for teachers to use in lessons. It is also a support site for Spacetech's excellent ORRERY application for RISC OS. move this listing up       
  • The Evil Tutor's Guide to Graphs and Figures  open in new window
  • Here we show students how to fail properly and what to do to get the lowest marks. move this listing up       
  • Petroleo Internacional: Informacion para la industria de los hidrocarburos  open in new window
  • Petroleo Internacional: Contenido tecnico y de negocios para la industria de los hidrocarburos Guia de proveedores novedades en tecnologia noticias eventos y asociaciones del sector analisis de expertos estado del mercado latinoamericano oportunidades comerciales move this listing up       

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