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  • Agency for Agriculture Market  open in new window
  • Performs intervention purchases on the agriculture product market, escpecially in grain, butter and sugar move this listing up       
  • Agency for Industrial Development  open in new window
  • State owned company supporting economic transformation of state enterprises, rescheduling their debt and providing loans. move this listing up       
  • Ministry of Environment  open in new window
  • Laws and regulations, research and databases. Major areas: forestry, environment, water supply, floods. Polish/English. move this listing up       
  • Ministry of Finance  open in new window
  • Responsible for state budget, tax administration and policies. Site includes a daily information service, current data and analysis. move this listing up       
  • Office of Technical Inspection  open in new window
  • Performs checks of technical devices (lifts, elevators, cranes, high pressure devices). move this listing up       
  • Patent Office  open in new window
  • Protection of trademarks, inventions, designs. move this listing up       
  • Police Headquarters  open in new window
  • move this listing up       
  • Polish Committee for Standardization  open in new window
  • Issues norms and standards. move this listing up       
  • The Sejm of the Republic of Poland  open in new window
  • Chamber of the Parliament of Poland. Introduction, legislative procedure and the chamber's pre-eminent role in the process, directory of deputies, committees, Constitution of 1997. move this listing up       
  • The Senate of Poland  open in new window
  • Chamber of the Parliament. move this listing up       

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