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  • Diabetic Mailing List and Support Group  open in new window
  • The Diabetes_int is a Mailing list and Support Group for people suffering from diabetes. The discussion on the mailing list is about diabetes prevention, diagnosis, treatment, nutrition, herbal remedies, sugar-free recipes, diabetic supplies, and to offer support and comfort to people that suffers from diabetes. move this listing up       
  • The Takeheart Health Check  open in new window
  • The quality assured method for providing authoritative written assessment for the prevention of coronary heart disease. move this listing up       
  • A Accredited Multilanguage Obesity Site  open in new window
  • All that you want to know about obesity and eating disorders. move this listing up       
  • Allergies and food intolerance  open in new window
  • Pratical councils about allergies and intolerances to many foods.Useful addresses and international links. move this listing up       
  • AIDS support service in Latvia  open in new window
  • AIDS support service in Latvia move this listing up       
  • Operatieinformatie  open in new window
  • A very complete Dutch patientinformation-site with clear info and nice pictures of all surgical procedures. Created by surgical residents from the BMC Hospital, 's-Hertogenbosch move this listing up       
  • Allergy Elimination, Chronic Asthma treatments  open in new window
  • The Cote Allergy Clinic located in the UK, specialises in allergy elimination, asthma treatment, food allergies, allergy testing, and NAET allergy elimination treatment. move this listing up       
  • All information concerning Diarrhoea: Prevention and treatment  open in new window
  • Health website concerning one of the most underestimated disorders: diarrhoea. This site provides you with useful information on prevention or treatment move this listing up       
  • Information About Diabetes  open in new window
  • Information about diabetes, medication, diet, alternative therapies and diabetic products move this listing up       

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