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  • Antoine Psychology Page  open in new window
  • You will find useful links to major psychological resources as well as other educational links and personal data about myself. I attended St. Albert College... move this listing up       
  • HealthyPlace Mental Health Communities  open in new window
  • Chat and support communities organized around content pages regarding mental health disorders. move this listing up       
  • Mental Health Net  open in new window
  • An anthology of thousands of reviewed resources organized by mental health categories and covering issues in psychiatry, therapy and social work. move this listing up       
  • Health in Mind  open in new window
  • Descriptions of disorders, treatment, therapist referrals, links and family issues. move this listing up       
  • Active Mind-Body Health  open in new window
  • How to deal with anxiety, anger, fear, panic, phobias, stress - practical information and techniques move this listing up       
  • Weissmark Books  open in new window
  • Psychotherapy is a $2.5 billion business in the United States, but no one can answer the basic questions of how therapy works. No watchdog groups rank therapists for potential consumers; no one school of thought has proven to be superior to another. And no method has emerged for determining what makes therapy successful for some but not for others. Doing Psychotherapy Effectively proposes much-needed answers to the puzzling questions of what therapists actually do when they are effective. Mona Sue Weissmark and Daniel A. Giacomo offer a unique mode of evaluation that focuses not on a particular school of therapy but on the relationship between therapist and patient. Successful therapy follow a pattern of behaviors that can be identified and quantified. as the authors demonstrate through clinical research and videotaped sessions of expert therapists. Likewise, positive changes in the patient, observed through client feedback and case studies, can be described operationally. Weissmark and Giacomo explain and ground these principles in the practice of psychotherapy, making Doing Psychotherapy Effectively an accessible and pragmatic work which will give readers a tool for measuring therapeutic effectiveness and further understanding human transformation. move this listing up       
  • SHY United  open in new window
  • SHY United is a positive website for shy and socially anxious people. move this listing up       
  • - Psychology  open in new window
  • Professional diary of trainings in psychology that counts the French-speaking activities of continuing education and the major international events (Congresses, Conferences) worldwide. move this listing up       
  • Psychiatry24x7 - Mental health resource  open in new window
  • provides in-depth information on mental disorders including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, ADHD and child psychiatry, depression, anxiety and substance abuse for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. move this listing up       
  • The Writing Journey  open in new window
  • The Writing Journey offers creative writing discovery courses for emotional healing, physical well-being, personal development and self growth. Release and expand your personal and creative potential through writing. move this listing up       
  • Audio Meditation with Linda Hall  open in new window
  • Linda Hall offers her meditation, relaxation and stress relieving audio meditation CDs and MP3s. Find peace and calm in your busy hectic world. Meditation, Chakras, sleep and Self Help courses. move this listing up       

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