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  • About Hungary: A View from a New Zealander  open in new window
  • Photos and essays of Hungary taken and written while a family of New Zealanders lived there. Topics covered include VA�c, ANZAC, JozsAf Attila, Trianon, the Danube move this listing up       
  • Christmas in Hungary  open in new window
  • Christmas and Santa in Hungary. Folk traditions, Christmas customs. Holiday cooking move this listing up       
  • Hungary - The Land of Medicinal Waters  open in new window
  • Medicinal waters, baths and historical spas in Budapest and around Hungary. move this listing up       
  • Links To the Ancient Magyar World  open in new window
  • Magyar origins, archaeology, anthropology, linguistics, religion, shamanism, Hungarian history, the Sumerian connection, folk music, Uighurs move this listing up       
  • MA�tyA�s Koniorczyk's homepage  open in new window
  • Ph.D student (Physics) in PAcs. Information on Quantum interferometry,Nonclassical states of light, andQuantum communication. Wonderful black-and-white photos of Hungary. move this listing up       
  • Plan a Trip to Hungary  open in new window
  • Travel advice, facts about Hungary. Holidays, currency, pictures. move this listing up       
  • The Language of Hungary  open in new window
  • Humorous personal account of the trials and tribulations of language learners here in good 'ol Hungary move this listing up       
  • Bullterrier Silver Wreath Masterbreeder - Kennel at Varpalota  open in new window
  • Our aim is to show the real face of this breed that is so unfairly pushed into the background. We have already won the prize of Silver Wreath Masterbreeder. move this listing up       
  • Jozsef Biro's Home Page  open in new window
  • A Hungarian software engineer shares his hobbies and interests: photos, movies, trips. Also some pages on mobile telephony in Hungary. move this listing up       

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