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  • Carol's World  open in new window
  • there is a German and English part... German part is much more bigger. English part: about me, my friends, pics (Windelwinni, Diddl, Titanic, Nick)... German part: about me, my friends, a lot of pics, translation (Latin-German), stories, Hip Hop, Techno move this listing up       
  • Peter's Home Page - Peter Wittlin's Site - Basel  open in new window
  • Description of my interests and hobbies:photography,amateur radio,computers. move this listing up       
  • Daniel Lerch  open in new window
  • A look at his family (3 girls and 1 boy), his hobbies (whiskey, basler fasacht) and web projects (FC Eiken, The Raymen). move this listing up       
  • Hans Bantli, ZA�rich  open in new window
  • Sport, dancing, music, dating, singles, fun and love. move this listing up       
  • John Walker's Fourmilab  open in new window
  • Index Librorum Liberorum. move this listing up       
  • Stray's Server  open in new window
  • move this listing up       
  • Svazi's Homepage with forensic topics and stuff about myself  open in new window
  • Svazi's Homepage with forensic topics as bruises, diatoms in forensic, photography and stuff about myself move this listing up       

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