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  • Fellowship of Isis Homepage  open in new window
  • Fellowship of Isis official homepage. International organization dedicated to honoring the religion of the Goddess in her many forms. Membership is free. (catagory: Pagan Organisation) move this listing up       
  • R E V A M P I A  open in new window
  • Revampia is an interactive inspirational seminar on revamping our lives aand our spirituality. move this listing up       
  • Queer Dimensions  open in new window
  • Dual purpose site, with the main aim being a resource for LGBT pagans/wiccans/occultists. Also serves as an eclectic Book Of Shadows with intro guides to the craft. move this listing up       
  • Russian pagans  open in new window
  • Russian pagans move this listing up       
  • Pagans in Switzerland  open in new window
  • Pagans in Switzerland move this listing up       
  • The Pagan Federation  open in new window
  • " This is the web page of Europe's leading pagan organisation with articles, excerpts from Pagan Dawn, news, events, contact information and much more" move this listing up       
  • Gladsheim Kindred  open in new window
  • We are men and women who gather to worship the old Gods and Godesses of the Norse folk - the AEsir and Vanir move this listing up       

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