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  • Viking Remote Viewing, Psychic Self Defence, UFOs and Crop Circles  open in new window
  • Remote viewing (Viking style) as a means of exploration, self defence and as a robust path to enlightenment earthed in the real world. Download the book. move this listing up       
  • Astrologia e Oroscopi - Astrology and Horoscopes  open in new window
  • Sito dedicato all'astrologia e alla realizzazione di oroscopi e temi natali The Italian site about Astrology and Horoscopes move this listing up       
  • A Psychic Development and Metaphysical Education Centre Called Oralin  open in new window
  • Correspondence Courses, Workbooks and Workshops for development of your psychic, Clairvoyant and Intuitive abilities. Research experiments, contests, monthly Newsletter and more. move this listing up       
  • The Home Of De Mania  open in new window
  • A page about me, goa/techno, pyramids and paranormal subjects move this listing up       
  • Phenomenon  open in new window
  • Fast archive of unexplained mysteries mankind has encountered throughout it's history. Containing subjects like mythology, civilizations, extraterrestrial and more, it also contains hundreds of images, movies and articles. move this listing up       
  • Mysterious People  open in new window
  • A site of human mysteries, enigmas and oddities. Articles on Kaspar Hauser, Princess Caraboo, Memmie le Blanc (the strange feral girl of Champagne), poltergeist-girl Angelique Cottin, and more. move this listing up       
  • Das Bewusstsein sehen  open in new window
  • Das Buch "Mouches Volantes - Die Leuchtstruktur des Bewusstseins" erklart: Du kannst lernen dein eigenes Bewusstsein zu sehen. move this listing up       
  • ASTROEUROPA-LG  open in new window
  • Comentarios de astrologia. Cartas natales. Sistemas de prediccion move this listing up       

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