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  • A Chemical Jigsaw Puzzle  open in new window
  • Can't learn chemical reactions? Don't know how valencies work? This jigsaw will show you how! move this listing up       
  • UV/Visible & Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers  open in new window
  • The Phoenix range of spectrophotometers featuring a low-cost series for education and routine measurements in small labs, a medium range of scanning dual split-beam instruments for higher education and analyses where extreme precision is primordial but sophistication secondary, and an advanced range of double-beam instruments meant for scientists whose analytical works are meant for research in labs that have the necessary budget for this type of equipment. The Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer is computer driven and can work either in the flame or graphite furnace mode automatically. For further information, please contact our sales dept. move this listing up       
  • Instrument Page portal  open in new window
  • Welcome to the Instrument Page portal, a Hungarian language resource centre and on-line directory for all those interested in instruments and measurements. move this listing up       
  • Chemistry People Search & Forum  open in new window
  • Free People & Database search for the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry to find & contact people, companies, associations or discuss Chemistry news, articles & topics move this listing up       
  • Croatian-English Chemistry Dictionary and Glossary  open in new window
  • The Chemical glossary contains basic information about basic terms in chemistry, physical quantities, measuring units, classes of compounds and materials and important theories and laws. move this listing up       

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