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  • Svalbard, High Arctic, Norway  open in new window
  • Svalbard, High Arctic, Norway move this listing up       
  • Bulgarian Academy of Science  open in new window
  • Bulgarian Academy of Science move this listing up       
  • Rentokil Initial Research and Development  open in new window
  • Provides technical development and support to the business services offered by Rentokil Initial. The site contains a wealth of technical information about these services, including hygiene, pest control, tropical plants and security services. move this listing up       
  • Swedish National Testing and Research Institute  open in new window
  • Swedish National Testing and Research Institute move this listing up       
  • Invention . Europe  open in new window
  • Invention Europe is a portal for the inventors. He proposes a forum to communicate among inventors and manufacturers and to make publish articles on his inventions. move this listing up       
  • CSEM  open in new window
  • CSEM supplies customized microsystems, microelectronic designs and system solutions, as well as specialized coatings and materials. move this listing up       
  • Birdchaser scarecrows  open in new window
  • Sound and visuel electronic scarecrows for protecting everthing from birds move this listing up       
  • science museum at the junior college  open in new window
  • Science laboratory apparatus dating back one hundred years restored to working condition. Some of the original experiments have been repeated using this apparatus. move this listing up       
  • Karst Pages - Home  open in new window
  • Data based research papers, studies and monographs on karst, karst water, caves and water supply. move this listing up       

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