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  • Info Science, le Quotidien en ligne  open in new window
  • Info Science est un magazine quotidien en ligne d'information et de vulgarisation scientifique move this listing up       
  • Apollo Engineering - Aldeboarn  open in new window
  • The homepage of Apollo Engineering-Aldeboarn move this listing up       
  • LLEK Bookmarks Scientific Search Engines  open in new window
  • Comprehensive catalog of scientific resources and media worldwide. Browsing by region and subject. move this listing up       
  • ecological monitoring in Latvia  open in new window
  • ecological monitoring in Latvia move this listing up       
  • Floraprint International - as horticultural company in Liechtenstein  open in new window
  • Floraprint International - as horticultural company in Liechtenstein move this listing up       
  • Unusual X-Rays  open in new window
  • a collection of unusual x-rays. move this listing up       
  • European Space Agency  open in new window
  • Provides a vision of Europes future in space, and of the benefits that satellites can supply. move this listing up       
  • Milieukontakt Oost-Europa  open in new window
  • Works with non-governmental organisations on environmental topics in Central and Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States. move this listing up       
  • Organic Europe  open in new window
  • An overview of organic farming in 25 European countries. move this listing up       

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